Ethan Lofton

I am a designer, an artist, a builder, and an explorer.
This is a portfolio of some of my adventures.
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Skills in Graphic Design, CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and more; appropriately and semantically to create beautiful websites that inspire and function.

Illuminarts Wedding Photography Website Design Info Illuminarts Wedding Photography Website Design

Illuminarts Photography

A professional wedding firm located in Southwest Colorado that specializes in magnificent and powerful photojournalism.

Services: Website Design, Actionscript Programming, Search Engine Optimization, Photo Processing Workflow

Appraisal Hub HTML/CSS/PHP/Code Igniter by Ethan Lofton Website Design Appraisal Hub Website Design and CSS/HTML/PHP/CodeIgniter Programming by Ethan Lofton

The Appraisal Hub

A Nationwide Real Estate Appraisal Management Company that connects lenders with appraisers.

Services: PHP Programming/CodeIgniter, AJAX development

By Design Architecture Website Design Detail By Design Architecture Website Design by Ethan Lofton

By Design Arts

Paying respect to both sensuous forms and natural materials, architectural designer Jeff Madeen has over 30 years of experience, with over 500 kitchen designs and over 250 bath remodels with popular cabinetry installations, numerous original furniture and lighting designs.

Services: Website Design (HTML, CSS, Flash, CMS)

Carbon Blast HTML by Ethan Lofton Website Design Detail Carbon Blast Climate Change Group Website Design and CSS/HTML Programming by Ethan Lofton

Carbon Blast

A carbon credit climate change project that creates economic incentives for the usage of energy efficient lighting and utilities.

Services: Website Design (HTML, CSS, Javascript), Project Branding


Capturing Beauty Through Photography

Photography of Israel by Ethan Lofton Israel Photography by Ethan Lofton


After a great experience of 10 days in Israel, I discovered a world a world full of powerful religion, sizzling culture, and beautiful landscapes. Israel is filled with color and light that melts into a stew of powerful Middle Eastern life and history.

See: Diverse Landscapes, Interesting People

Photography of Chicago, IL by Ethan Lofton Chicago Photography by Ethan Lofton

Chicago, IL

The Windy City: filled with interesting people, ironic structures and placements, and gritty compositions. Discover this Midwestern wonder.

See: Iconic Landscapes, Buildings, Urban Decay, City Folk

Photography of Colorad by Ethan Lofton Colorado Photography by Ethan Lofton: British Columbia


My homeland: nature filled with beauty and bliss. Quintessential mountain towns, fertile farmland, and laid back individuals populate the land

See: Diverse Landscapes, Nature, Forests, Mountains, Lifestyles

Photography of Various Places by Ethan Lofton Various Photography by Ethan Lofton: British Columbia


The light contained within various places, things, people, and ideas all captured here

See: Bridges, Colors, Street Art, Bizarre Situations


Sustainable Living and Alternative Energy Projects

GrowAlt sustainable urban organic gardening sustainable urban gardening, guerilla gardening, permaculture, growalt

Grow Alt: Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Growing food sustainably in urban environments through community gardens and creative organic gardening techniques

See: Organic food, permaculture, vertical growing, greenhouses, guerrilla gardening, hydroponics, aquaponics, rainwater collection systems, closed-loop ecosystems

Solar panels, Wind turbines, sustainable alternative energy, biofuel Rain Fuel Grassroots Sustainability

Rain Fuel: Grassroots Alternative Energy

Rain Fuel makes sustainable technologies accessible by working from the ground up to create solar panels, wind turbines, and biofuel by using waste-stream and recycled materials

Focus: Waste Re-use, Community awareness and involvement, DIY, grassroots sustainable alternative energy application

Evolvergy Sustainable Living Sustainable Energy, Alternative Eco-Living

Evolvergy: Sustainable Living

A sustainable living resource blog based on earth-positive energy, social, and ecological solutions.

Focus: Solar Power, Wind Energy, Organics, Green Living, Alternative Lifestyle, Composting, Energy Saving Practices and Resources


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